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    L4D DLC + 50% Off Deal



    L4D DLC + 50% Off Deal

    Post  Guest on Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:29 pm

    Crash Course DLC released on PC right now, for free as usual.

    Also, Valve is running 50% off deal on Left 4 Dead. You can grab a copy for a mere $15 USD/sku for yourself or for friends.



    Re: L4D DLC + 50% Off Deal

    Post  Guest on Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:11 am

    i DL'd and played this today

    its really short (only have 2 of the scene things. the starter one where you get to the first safe house, then the finale...so its like wtf) but each one is rather long so i guess its worth it.

    another tihng, there are weapons/pip bombs/molotovs/flame tanks/propane tanks EVERYWHERE!!!! like good lord i was on easy they were at almost EVERY CORNER! i mean good lord much...but then again, theres also A LOT of zombies and A LOT of hordes lol specially if youre like me and you scour the map lookin for stuff...i had like 5 hordes in just the first part lol and like 3 or 4 (please note: im not including the hordes that are activated by sounds or whatever. i mean just like random hordes the AID/AI Director throws at you)

    overall tho its good. def worth the 560 points imo...

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