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    Rules before Posting



    Rules before Posting

    Post  Guest on Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:39 pm

    Ok like every forum out their we have our rules which we expect people to follow in order to keep the community all nice king

    *Be nice and respectfully towards all other members on the forums, if someone is causing you problems please contact a mod or admin so the issue can to dealt with properly.

    *Don't post any images which may be seen as offensive to woman, other religion/ethnicity's.

    *Do not post any sexual Content on the forums as this forum is for everyone and it wont be tolerated.

    *If you are going to post some content which may contain spoilers please note in the thread title or indicate on the post.

    *Have fun and enjoy the forums!

    Any reports/complaints will be addressed and if a person is braking the rules then a Ban may be taken into action.

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